The Conflict Studies And Analysis Project at the Global Initiative For Civil Stabilisation, is pleased to announce that Jacob Zenn, a foremost terrorism analyst, is joining us as an Associate Fellow.

Jacob is an Adjunct Professor on Violent Non State Armed Groups in World Politics, at the Georgetown University’s Security Studies Programme. He is also a Fellow on African and Eurasian Affairs at the Jamestown Foundation, Washington D.C, USA.

A widely published scholar, he has written on International Law and Security for Jamestown’s Terrorism Monitor, Militant Leadership Monitor, Jane’s Intelligence Review,- China Watch, the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, Studies In Conflict And Terrorism, Journal For De-Radicalizatuion, African Security, and the International Journal of Not-For-Profit Law.

He also co-authored a book (in Russian), in 2017 with Erlan Karin called “Between ISIS And Al-Qaeda: Central Asian Foreign Fighters In The Syrian War”.


He tweets via @bokowatch


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