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Phil Walter, Bob Hein, and Steve Leonard are the founders of Divergent Options .

Divergent Options is a top of the line national security website based in the United States, but with readership around the world. With extensive experience in the military and national security policy, the three forces behind Divergent Options have in the relatively short period of its existence, grown it into a platform that today hosts papers by recognised authorities in their particular spheres.

The relationship between the Conflicts Studies And Analysis Project-CSAAP-(now part of the Global Initiative For Civil Stabilisation) began when Fulan Nasrullah, the Executive Director of the CSAAP, wrote “Options to Build Local Capabilities to Stabilise the Lake Chad Region.” for Divergent Options.

In 2019, the CSAAP is partnering with Divergent Options.

From a readers point of view, twice a month, you will see Divergent Options content posted on our website, and our content posted on their website.

Additionally when we begin our call for papers, Divergent Options will provide writing prompts to support our call, and we will reciprocate when they publish their call for papers.

Writers who write to the Divergent Options writing prompts(or our writing prompts to them) will be published on both sites.

We are glad to begin this exciting new relationship and are excited to see what 2019 brings for both efforts.

Divergent Options "Building Relationships" Copyright Divergent Options www.divergentoptions.org
Divergent Options “Building Relationships”
Copyright Divergent Options


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